Hi everyone Welcome to the jack show celebrating everything entertainment From Red carpets music award shows and your  favorite celebrity interviews, we have you covered.   I am your host jack Stockton and  today we are taking you behind the scenes of our favorite moments.

Fashion designers from around the world gave us an inside peek of how the shows come together and the hard work that’s put into Fashion weeks both in New York’s k and LA.

Designers have dressed some of your favorite celebrities including Lisa Vanderpump and the real housewives of Beverly Hills. The Jack Show is honored to have spent time throughout the years with all of them, the exclusive interviews when we come back.

Successful, beautiful and powerful best describe the real housewives of Beverly hills and their influence to make the world a better place.                                                 Celebrities love to come out in force to support leaders of their industry to help causes like Stop Yulin. Vanderpump Dogs foundation has lead the way to support the Stop Yulin movement.

The laughs start when celebrities on the red carpet are put to the test for The Jacks Show’s fast 5 take a look….

I always want the show to bring out the best in people and celebrate the messages behind the celebrity. Spending time with Mohammad Haddid of course the father of Gigi And Bella Haddid and Elliott Mints who represented John Lennon was a truly special event.

Spending time in New York you can’t help but run into friends like Mariah Careys godmother and vocal icon Patty Label and my girls Gabourey Sidibe who starred in Precious the hit show Empire and Orange is the new black Tasty played by Daniele Brookes. I love when we get to catch up.

I was honored to interview Beyoncé’s Team captain dancer Ashley Everett for our ant bullying segment and even danced a little to All the single Ladies.

I have a special place in my heart for the great songstress Leona Lewis, she is always supporting the jack show and makes it a point to come over and say hi during red carpet events. As well as Lance Bass who is just as funny as he is a talented singer.

Supporting world organizations is the Marley family and what they do for the health care for youth in Jamaca is inspiring. And that brings me to my friend Steven Tyler and his Janis fund supporting young women across the country. Visit Janies fund.org  today and show your love today..

I want to give a special shout out to Brenda Barsumian. Brenda is guest co host on the show and she is also a dear friend. She is talented funny and drop dead gorgeous. Brenda brings a level of class and energy that makes you feel so comfortable on the red carpets. Thank you Brenda we love you.

Hosting the jack show has been one of the best experiences of my life and I have so many people to thank and No one more important then the talented and sophisticated Emily rose. Emily is my daughter and has been my best friend and TV partner for many years.

Emily Rose and her ability to inspire and influence young ladies from around the world has gained the attention of some of your favorite companies like Lulu’s online clothing, Anika Burke Gabrielle Ferrar Diamonds. Emily can be seen in Literal street style magazine in Manhattan New York wearing Anika Burke and Gabrielle Farrar diamond necklace during New York’s fashion week.

Emily has walked runways in both New York and la for some of the world’s greatest and most talented designers including Daniel Alexander.


Don’t miss next week’s show highlighting Emily rose and her rise to brand fame.

Thank you for watching and remember know body brings you entertainment t

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